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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are an incredible advance in extending the life of your commercial roof without going through a tear-off or a re-roof. We can apply these coatings to virtually any type of roof, and the results are astounding. Not only do they proof your property against a leaky roof and other common problems, but many of them also reflect much of the sun’s heat, keeping your building cooler and saving you money on your energy bills.

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We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate on roof coatings for your commercial roofing, just call us and schedule an appointment. One of our roofing estimators will come out to your property and meet with you on all of the options we have for your exact specifications, and show you how much money we can save you with this service!

Rubber Roof Coatings

We offer many types of elastomeric roof coatings, some of which are known as rubber roof coatings. The benefits of elastomeric coatings are numerous; the most obvious is that it can be applied to virtually any surface to resist cracking and peeling. They can be applied on both commercial and residential roofing. This means your roof will be protected against the changes that the weather brings, and when your roof would normally expand and contract, which brings on cracks and other damages, the coatings now take the strain.

Commercial Roof Installation El PasoThe rubberized elastomeric roof coatings we use are specially formulated to withstand such pressure and fluctuations, and will actually help your roof extend its life by up to 15 years or more. When reapplied as needed, they can oftentimes help you keep the same roof for life. It is a much more cost-affordable solution to getting a new roof, without actually performing a tear-off and installing a new roof. We also take most major credit cards.

Our roofers can apply elastomeric coatings to give you a cool roof, which will provide a barrier to protect your roof against the sun’s UV rays and its heat, allowing less heat in through the top of your building, which makes your AC work less hard to keep your building cool. Over the course of a few years, your new cool roof will actually pay for itself in energy savings, thanks to the coating. Call us today to find out more!

Commercial Roof Coatings

A popular choice for many commercial properties are acrylic roof coatings. Most of them are water-based, and one of the most affordable types of coatings. They are also environmentally friendly, as they provide great reflectivity against UV exposure from the sun. This will likely reduce your energy costs, too. If you are looking for great coverage to extend the life of your roof on a tight budget, you may want to have us apply an acrylic roof coating to your commercial property!

Commercial RoofWe also offer silicone roof coatings, which are great-looking and are particularly effective in areas with extreme ranges of temperatures, or a lot of UV exposure. One thing to know about the silicone coatings are that they are not ideal for high-traffic areas, due to their likelihood to retain dirt, so if you have a roof that gets walked on frequently, we’d recommend a polyurethane or an elastomeric roof coating. When an estimator from our staff comes out to do your free estimate, let him know the conditions your roof is exposed to, so we can recommend the best course of action for you.

Industrial Roof Coatings

For industrial roofs and other commercial properties that see a lot of strain on their roofs, we recommend the polyurethane roof coatings. These coatings are becoming very common thanks to their extremely durable surface. It will actually protect your roof better than most other types against possible threats including the elements, extreme temperatures and wear and tear from heavy traffic, etc.

Polyurethane roof coatings provide great protection on flat roofs that are prone to ponding water, as they have a high tensile strength and can withstand the common existence of water on their surface. If you’re interested in extending the life of your roof, protecting it against the elements, but aren’t ready for a new roof or a replacement, call us and speak to one of our roofers to find out how a commercial roof coating can change your building’s look and life! You may be surprised by what a cool roof will do for you!

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We apply roof coatings in Las Cruces, El Paso, Alamogordo and the nearby cities.