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Storm Damage Roof Repair

Our storm damage roof repair service will prevent further damage from occurring to your roof. If you contact us directly following a rain or wind storm, our roofers will be there the same day to stop the leaks in your roof and patch up any holes or other damage that occurred. The faster you contact us, the more harm to your property we’ll be able to prevent.

Storm Damage Repair Las CrucesIf your roof has suffered storm damage
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As water sets in through leaks or holes in your roof, it provides an ideal condition for mold to begin to grow, and for other debris to enter. That can lead to much more serious and costly repairs, so if you suspect roof damage, contact us for storm damage repair to get fast service that can save you big time.

When a strong storm comes through, it can tear away the top layer of your roof, like the shingles, and leave the vulnerable underlayment and wood decking exposed to the elements. That makes a great environment for leaks, or other damage from branches, hail, rocks or similar debris. If you notice any of these, call us now for emergency roof repair. We can provide service for all types of roof, including:

  • Metal roof repair
  • Shingle roof repair
  • Tile roof repair
  • Flat roof repair

Keep your eye out for these tell-tale signs, and call us for storm damage roof repair if you see any:

Damaged Roof Repair El PasoThe top layer of granules from shingle roofing may scrape off or wash off in a storm, and you’ll notice them at the bottom of your downspout. This is called “degranulation” which allows the affected areas of your roof to become weak or brittle from the rays of the sun, and more prone to damage.

If you see evidence of hail, such as dents in your property, your gutters, siding, or your neighbors’, you likely have hail damage on your roof as well. Our roofers will be able to perform an inspection to see the severity of your roof damage and perform the necessary storm damage repair today.

Missing shingles, tiles or other roofing material will also place your underlayment on display to the elements, causing further damage. If you see patches of your roof missing, or find the shingles in your yard, call us to get storm damage repair that can work to prevent a premature roof replacement.

Emergency Storm Damage Roof Repair

While much of the storm damage that will occur to your roof is really just a culmination of long-term situations with your structure, all of them are made worse by a strong wind, downpour or hailstorm. Where a small leak may not have caused you major problems before, a stream of water coming into your home certainly does. And a shingle or two missing may not seem like a big deal, until a rainstorm comes through and dumps a load of water into your living room, or the ten surrounding shingles get ripped off by a driving wind.

When you are facing emergency conditions and your roof isn’t holding up, you need to call us for storm damage repair. Our roofers know how important it is to do the job correctly the first time, and fast, and we’ll be there today to get it fixed for you.

When a storm has taken its toll on your roof
We’ll get it repaired today
Call (575) 644-3180

We do storm damage repair in Las Cruces, El Paso, Alamogordo and nearby areas.