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When Do I Need New Shingle Roofing?

While this may seem like a very straightforward question, it can still stump people. If it is cracked, does that mean it automatically needs to be replaced, or can it be repaired? What about holes and tears? Does it matter how big or small the holes are?  Regardless if you own a home or commercial […]

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Don’t Put Up With Rain Damage Any Longer

No one likes rain damage: it causes bad smells and makes your roof look horrible. But good news for homeowners, you do not have to put up with the results of rain damage. You can fix, and prevent damage from the rain with an experienced roofing company. In Las Cruces, you need a roofing company […]

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Common Roof Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Contacting a roofing contractor for your repairs or installation is the best way to go. When you first take the time to find the roofing company that you like best, you are not limited too the selection your insurance company might make. Not only that, going through a contractor will help the process move much […]

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